Benefits of MBT Shoes and Fit Flops

A lot of different options of shoes are available for this year to help with weight loss and beginning a fitness routine. Even though the choices are plentiful, one theme that seems to stick out is pro-body. Consumers have begun to understand that most footwear is horrible for the skeletal system and has aided in accelerating this movement. That the traditional shoes artificially stabilize us on hard, flat surfaces which can cause several serious issues including fewer muscles being used, resulting in back and joint pain.
The walking shoe trend for 2009 of being pro-body is a result of the current situation in fitness footwear. Many styles and brands are available, but a small percentage go beyond looks and shiny styles in their concept. Few are constructed to make you feel better from the ground up.
A brand that has taken this into account is the MBT Shoes. These sneakers have a multi-layered pivot sole that mimics walking on an uneven terrain such as on the beach. The curved sole provides several benefits while strolling along. They significantly improve the posture and help relieve pressure on the joints and back. MBT shoes also activates more muscles, whether walking or standing. This helps stimulate the metabolism, burn more calories, and helps firm the legs and abdominal muscles.
Another trendy shoe for 2009 is called the Fit Flops. Started as just a sandal, this product now includes shoes and boots for all season solutions. The premise is the same as MBT in that they induce instability as you walk. These shoes and sandals, in turn, help relieve back pain, better your posture, and help burn more calories while they strengthen your leg muscles.
There are a growing number of people that now realize that the traditional walking sneaker is not going to cut it anymore. The trends are moving toward alternative footwear as mentioned above. People are becoming more educated about fitness and health, realizing that most shoes work against us. That walking on flat surfaces is horrible for our overall health and well being. That's why new footwear, like those mentioned above, have become part of the Worldwide trend toward an anti-shoe solution.

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