Good Joint Health Is Important For Mobility

Normally activities such as getting up in the morning and movements like walking about and picking things up are actions that we take for granted, however we need to ensure that we take care of our good joint health. There are many joints in the human body, these include hinge joints such as the fingers, knees and elbows, and also ball and socket joints like the shoulders and hips. It is essential that we look after these body parts as they are an essential part of every day living.

The body parts are held together and kept stable by tough tissue in the body called ligaments. The ends of the bones are covered by hard cartilage that acts as a shock absorber and stops harm coming to the bones when they are knocked. The cartilage also allows the body to move about freely. The human body contains a fluid that lubricates the joints and also keeps the cartilage nourished. If the body gets a knock then it may become quite painful and swollen and it may prevent you carrying out your normal every day activities.

Over time and as we get older, the cartilage around the bones begins to wear away and this makes the bones rub against each other causing stiffness and some degree of pain. This condition is called arthritis, it is usually the parts of the body, which move the most, being the hardest working, for example, the knees, hands, and hips which are worst effected by the condition.

Arthritis usually occurs in older adults as the cartilage wears away over time, however it is not completely unknown for arthritis to also affect children and teenagers.

People employed in jobs where the work is continuously repetitive, can suffer from repetitive strain, this is where certain parts of the body are being overused and wasting away, athletes are also always putting their bodies under great strain, both of these situations can be causes of arthritis.

Taking the time to exercise and eat a healthy diet will help to keep body weight under control and will go a long way to help to keep the body in good health and prevents it from suffering from pain and discomfort. Regular exercise especially swimming helps improve the function of body parts and may even reduce pain and swelling, this in turn will help sufferers of Osteoarthritis.

By providing your body with a New Balance Rock and Tone, you will be giving it all the necessary vitamins and minerals that it requires to help the bones remain strong such as calcium from milk and other dairy products and vitamins and minerals, this will reduce the chances of osteoarthritis. Food supplements can also provide all the vitamins and minerals required for maintaining good health.

Pain killers and complementary treatments may help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and reduce the pain and swelling. Glucosamine is a natural substance which is available over the counter, the substance is used by the body for producing cartilage and repairing tissues when the body has had a knock.

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